Episode 109 Circle of Qi Podcast

Episode 109 Circle of Qi Podcast
Circle of Qi Podcast™
Episode 109 Circle of Qi Podcast

Oct 29 2021 | 00:33:52

Episode 109 October 29, 2021 00:33:52

Show Notes

Happy Halloween - All Hallows Eve, Samhain for my celtic sisters. No matter what way you stir it, Halloween is a staple for American childhood. Telling Ghost stories, entering a haunted house, getting your favorite sweets at a trunk or treat or even a neighborhood festival. We all celebrate All Hallows Eve in our own ghoulish ways, but I am spending it in the hills of Tennessee.

What started in Celtic Mythology spread to American with the Irish and Celtic settlers, but it was the 1950s that really made Halloween what it is today. Join me tonight for the stories of Celtic past, to the modern folklore of today, and ponder some childish jokes along the way.

Happy Halloween!

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