Episode 401: Year of Positive Change and New Beginnings

Episode 401: Year of Positive Change and New Beginnings
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Episode 401: Year of Positive Change and New Beginnings

Jan 21 2023 | 00:18:18

Episode 401 January 21, 2023 00:18:18

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Victoria Smith

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On this episode, we honor the chinese new year of the Yin Water Rabbit with a look into its meaning, its importance, and its direction for the new year.  In Chinese Astrology the Rabbit brings hope, peace and harmony making 2023 a good year to slow down, focus on whats most important, and make resting and recharging a priority.

This season I will indulge you with the most information about how to accomplish this years goal and provide you with the tools and opportunities available to making them happen.  From retreats to journals and hope to attraction the pendulum will align with your aspirations if you use the law of vibration and its underpin the Law of Attraction.

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Episode Transcript

Happy Chinese New Year of the Yin Water Rabbit. In Chinese Astrology, the Rabbit brings hope, peace, and harmony. 2023 is a good year to slow down, focus on what is important, and make resting and recharging a priority. The Year of the Rabbit holds the qualities of Yin and Water, the rabbit represents peaceful and positive energy. The rabbit is a gentle creature known for thinking things through before acting. This energy will encourage us to approach challenges and opportunities calmly and rationally. Water element brings intuition and inner peace. Water is all about tapping into our inner wisdom and trusting our instincts. It encourages us to be more in tune with our emotions and sensitive to those around us. Tap into the energy of the rabbit and make the most of it. Focus on building strong connections with loved ones and colleagues. 2023 is the perfect time to focus on professional development your finances and work towards increasing our income. The rabbit is also associated with taking care of oneself, so prioritize self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The year of the rabbit 2023 is a time to kick back, relax, and surround yourself with all things cozy and natural. To align with the rabbit’s gentle vibes, decorate with warm colors, natural materials, plants and stones. Declutter, add some soft lighting, comfortable furniture, soothing music, and some feng shui. In short, make your home a giant hug, and enjoy the peace and prosperity of the Rabbit year! Turn your aspirations into reality. Tanaaz, creator of ForeverConscious.com predicts the year of the Yin Water Rabbit will be fantastic for the hospitality and wellness industry, especially those that cater to indulgence and relaxation. Creative industries will also get a boost thanks to the intuitive and expressive nature of the Yin Water Rabbit. With strong fertile energy around us, it could be a very entrepreneurial time, bringing a growth in small businesses. More people may decide to start or expand their families too. As Yin Water is a very flowy energy, it may not be the best when it comes to finances. Money may need to flow out before it can first flow in. You can counterbalance this by adopting some feng shui principles for creating abundance. Yin Water energy supports taking a gentle approach and following your intuition. If you find yourself in a difficult situation this year, come back to this idea and consider ways to be gentle with yourself and others. As this new astrological year begins everyone should begin to adjust and welcome the energy of the Yin Rabbit. As a year for positive changes and new beginnings arrives, I want to introduce you to the Law of Attraction and how this underpin of the universal law of vibration can bring you joy, happiness, and prosperity. Are you ready? The third of the seven Universal Laws is the Law of Vibration that tells us "Nothing Rests—Everything Moves—Everything Vibrates", "The Whole Universe is But a Vibration". This is confirmed by modern-day science that states everything, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different rates of vibrations. The only difference between all manifestations of consciousness or mind, be it matter, thoughts, emotions, things, or circumstance, is their corresponding rate of vibration. The higher the rate of vibration, the less dense or more subtle (less physical) that thing is. The lower the rate of vibration, the more dense or less subtle (more physical) that thing is. On the Physical Plane, everything you experience with your five physical senses is conveyed to your brain through vibrations. Everything in the 3D world is a vibration only that you experience things as being solid because of the way your brain interprets those vibrations. So, The Law of Vibration Underpins the Law of Attraction The axiom that "like energy attracts like energy", upon which the Law of Attraction is based, is founded in the Law of Vibration. You can learn to control your mental vibrations at will by consciously choosing what you focus on, what you imagine, what you assume and how you emotionally react to outer world circumstances. Similarly, you can also change your core beliefs and reprogram the subconscious mind. This is the foundation of true thought power. And the basis of the Law of Attraction that allows you to manifest what you imagine. This season I will indulge you with the most information I can about the Law of Attraction to allow you to transform your life, yourself, and your dreams into a positive reality. I will provide you access to tools from Qi Tribe Affiliates that will give you inspirations and actions. Join the Qi Tribe for free at CircleofQi.com and listen to the Circle of Qi Podcast each Friday night 7pm on Trim Radio Network or on your favorite Podcast channels, Spotify, Apple, Google, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, and Amazon. To help you manifest a positive year and transformation to happiness and prosperity please use my link to BestSelf.co to order your Self Journal to guide you for 13 weeks. This tool is the best journal to get you started and manifest the best version of you. I began using my own copy in December and so far, it has kept me on track and inspired me to fulfill my goals, dreams and given me ways to write my affirmations daily, which I also began sharing on my personal Facebook profile.

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